This is a Daily Dairy of my six months training under guidance of  Dr. H.S. Rai  at Testing and Consulatancy Cell (TCC), Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana.

29 DECEMBER, 2012
1) I searched the difference of Simulator and Emulator.
2) Tags can make my blog famous 😉 Going to use it. 🙂
3) I make my new blog copy of
First I change the address of my blog address to
but was still mine and serach engine searches that address eveytime,
then I shift my blog post and all content from jasleenz->jasleen7956, this is done by exporting a file from tools option of dashboard and then importing a file in another blog…..this takes a time and wordpress sends me confirmation notice that my blog is imported in
Now I have two same blogs, jasleen7956 and jasleenz 😉
4) Snow in my Theme: Dashboard> Settings >General setings >check the snow option (at the end)
5) Change Url of your Blog: Dashboard> Tools >Delete Blog>(select) Change my blog’s url > Be careful 😉
6) Import or Export your Blog: Dashboard> Tools >Export>choose contents to export >Downloard Export File
Dashboard> Tools >Import > wordpress > Choose file to upload> upload . Your file will be uploaded, and a confirmation notice will send to your email that file is imported successfully.

21-28 DECEMBER, 2012
Enjoyed winters and holidays ………… 🙂
Spent full time with my family after a long………… 🙂

20 DECEMBER, 2012
Today I understand little code of LibreCAD.
then in evening, I read about difference between NULL and Zero.
feeling good now 🙂

18-19 DECEMBER, 2012
Bad days 😦

10-16 DECEMBER,2012
Report is going to complete ……but need to do finishing.

Making a Report with the help of my buddy inder 🙂 in google drive 🙂
We had made a semi report. now #1:50 a.m >feels sleepy will complete it soon 🙂

I spend these days in Delhi.
To attend my cousin’s marriage.
Very first day I travel in Metro. It was a nice experience there.
We scheduled to come back on 7th. but, unfortunately Train was late by 10 hours 😦
and I arrived back to Ludhiana on 8th morning #5:00 a.m .

1) Today I helped karamvir . Her problem was small, but shocking. I provide her alternative solution to handle this problem.
In context with the problem of her, I came to know about floor() and ceil() function of cmath library.
2) Today I start making project report .

1 DECEMBER, 2012
Today I helped Daman in his CGI work. I spent many hours for this….now came to know there was syntax problem with cut command.
I tried to understand code of LibreCAD. Every time I tried, it feels me like I am going to sink in LibreCAD 😦
Facing difficulties in understanding its code. Because lots of inheritance is there 😦
Now Going to implement Layer functionality as discussed in IRC Channel.

30 NOVEMBER 2012
I hate winters. It reduces my efficiency for doing work 😦
No work again 😦

29 NOVEMBER 2012
No work again 😦
But tried to help Gagan in his cgi work using TeamViewer, but did not got the solution.
Remote control is amazing. I was able to control his computer 🙂

28 NOVEMBER 2012
Today I made a program of Tower Of Hanoi.

27 NOVEMBER 2012
Today sir gave me ideas to make tree structure of layers and to expose its layer number.
I proposed this in IRC channels to developers of LibreCAD , They liked this idea.
Feeling great to talk with them on IRC 🙂
IR channels are amazing, inspires me to work more 🙂

26 NOVEMBER 2012
Enjoy at Alamgir Sahib Gurudwara with my all trainees….
ssshhhhhhhh…….its a secret 😉

25NOVEMBER, 2012
Doing Qt.
Made some small applications.

24NOVEMBER, 2012
I don’t how to input values from user in my feature.
No output Today 😦

23NOVEMBER, 2012
I tried to help Karamvir in her program, spent alot of hours to find the problem, but I didn’t find it 😦
Its a precision problem.

22NOVEMBER, 2012
Today I added my features to menu bar 🙂
Now I only left with inputting values like thickness of Wall, slab etc from user.

21 NOVEMBER,2012
1) Attendend the Webinar by Digia. It was a good introduction to Qt in this Webinar. I Came to know about Qt Quick and little about Qml.
It inspires me to give such a seminar for GD.
2) I start bloging in 🙂
3) Now I can run qt apps in my android 😉

17 -20 NOVEMBER,2012
On Leave to attend cousin’s Function.
I caught some fever there 😦

16 NOVEMBER, 2012
Today Night I will finish that work. God bless me 😉

#5:45 A.M
Yes God. you bless me 🙂
I decided to add feature to toolbar as icons, and I did it 🙂
Thankyou babaji 🙂
very happy……………:)
Now, I can attend my cousin’s function happily 🙂
Feeling toooooooooooo sleepy now 😉

15 NOVEMBER,2012
I modified my code of view. I made a new function rectangles and on calling I add new points to it, whenever I call function.
Due to holidays of Diwali, my working speed gets slower, I am trying to maintain it.

14 NOVEMBER, 2012
Happy Children’s Day + Happy Vishwakarma day 🙂
No work Today.

13 NOVEMBER, 2012
Happy Diwali….. 🙂
No work Today.

12 NOVEMBER. 2012
Pk program and Inder’s explaination and my Suggestions and Pk’s Questions create alot of confusions in our mind.
Finally, I understood it. I started bloging this program’s explaination. It takes alot of time to explain it. I tried my best to explain everything.

11 NOVEMBER, 2012
Today PK’s program of pointers takes my whole day, and even I am confusion again about how this works. I didn’t understand it well:( It is a very good program to understand pointers. I am trying to understand it.

10 NOVEMBER,2012
Today is Rai sir’s BirthDay ( 10-11-12)
I made a boque of flowers for him.
I woke-up at 10 a.m 😛 with a phone call of navdeep. She and komal suggest to make arrangement for decorations. I gathered all the ballons i have and decoration things. I collect all roses from my garden and gladiolus flowers too and make a boque 🙂
When I reached college #11:30 , every one was sitting at TCC. I show them my decoration things and ballons, and boque and roses 🙂
Then we all started decoration.
We decorate the Table.
Sir came, He cut the cake.
We all gifted a Titan Watch to him 🙂
Sir gave us treat at Arc Mall, ferozepur Road.
We all enjoy there so much
Spent a lot of time with Rai sir 🙂
We eat together at a round Table
The wonderful moment I ever have.
I feel lucky to be a student of Rai Sir 🙂
This moment is never forgetable moment

Wish you a very Happy Birthday Sir 🙂
May God bless lot of happiness in your life 🙂
Your are a God’s Gift in our life 🙂
May you get all, you want 🙂
Keep enlighten us with your knowledge 🙂

I had fixed my target to make this before Rai Sir’s BirthDay. And I did this 🙂 I AM HAPPY TODAY
1) Today at college Sir told me to make different veiws : Top veiw, Side Veiw, Front Veiw.
2) Sir told me to do adjust height so that we can enter any larger value to it. I adjusted the Height and Gap between two veiws accordingly.
3) Now, I need to input values like: Height, Thickness from command line of LibreCAD.
1) Done with flower pattren 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
yesturday’s problem was angle= i * 60 * M_PI / 180.0. This was giving wrong angle according to PREFRENCE ORDER OF OPERATORS. Actual angle = i * 60 * (M_PI / 180.0)
2) Now I am going Focus on new feature: Room
3) I made this 🙂 #4:00 A.M

1) I commited to complete my project within 2 Days.
2) Today Vigas deep introduce us with Basics of DNS, Nameserver. He explained every thing very well. It was really an interesting seminar. I feel luck to be part of it. He told us how our domain name points to IP address of server.
3) Got the logic to make pattren properly from sir,……..going to implement it……
4) I made the patten, but don’t know why the circles are not alligned.

6 NOVEMBER, 2012
I made a flower pattren 🙂 ……….but didn’t like my code……There, I wrote a new code for new circle …and didn’t use loop or array 😦

1) Today I helped karamvir in her CGI work. Now she can run CGI on browser…… 🙂 feeling happy…………… 🙂
2) I made changes . Modify rotate function….but LibreCAD closes when I tried to make circle…….don’t know why this happens…..:(
3) Now I am going to make my pattren 🙂

1) I want to help karamvir in her work, so I study about – CGI, scripting.
2) Today I edit the center co-ordinates. Now, I get the desired two circles, one on center where we click and other on point where x of center(x,y) becomes x+radius .
Now, I need to call modify and rotate function, then hatch function…….and will continue my working till I did… sleeping 🙂
3) I noticed one thing while scripting that not to use space before and after “=”.
When I was writting line fn = `echo “$QUERY_STRING” | sed “s|fn=||”` it was not assigning value to fn but after removing spaces, it assigns value to fn.
4) Just noticed
*argv[] equalls to **argv

Couldn’t find how to change co-ordinates of center. I read many function of LibreCAD for this, but didn’t get the desired one.

1) I am doing case study of LibreCAD

1 NOVEMBER, 2012
focusing on this feature:
31 OCTOBER, 2012
Today’s hukamnama gives a hukam to me to admire, i.e to follow whatever hukam is given to me instead of making excuses and arguing. I spend my whole day in doing LibreCAD. I am paying my best to it. Rest is on God.
LibreCAD is in progrss….

30 OCTOBER, 2012
Maths is tricky……realy!!!
Today I attend seminar of tricks in mathematics. After That seminar, I refreshes my past life when I was in school….:)
The life I spend with my mathematics subject. It was passion to me.
My playing tricks with calculation…. 🙂
Now I again entered to my mathematical world. I am sure this time I will Prove myself.

29 OCTOBER, 2012
The starts with stickers and flag and sir… 🙂
Got new problem in Qt creator. Unable to run my copied folder. It opens qtcreator_process_stub dialog. I am not understanding what is this.

28 OCTOBER,2012
1) Today inder and PK give idea in mailing list, how save memory in arrays.
2) program to transpose a matrix.
3) My LibreCAD new Feature is…..
27 OCTOBER, 2012
1) Today start with Arm-chair mapping workshop given by my friend inder. I enjoyed it. I mapped my village. I t was difficult to find my village in map and even the main road pakhowal road was not mapped befor. I mapped many places in my village Phullanwal. And also make mapping to areas which I am aware of it.
2) Today mandeep help in understanding of my warning: deprecated conversion from string constant to ‘char*’ [-Wwrite-strings]
I put keyword CONST before pointer array and ……problem solves.

26 OCTOBER,2012
Today i had a problem with my Qt creator
yesturday I open LibreCAD in Qt creator. It was opening fine , but today it only run the LibreCAD, doesn’t show its code. I get short tempered because of this and 😦 . After sometimes, I remove Qt creator and try to re-install it…..but it was showing me message – required some files . I was not understanding why is this dialog appears…..Then I clicked in a “detail” options in that Dialog . It shows me name of file that is required to update. It was “qtcreator qtcreator-doc”. I installed it using $sudo apt-get install qtcreator qtcreator-doc . Now I my Qt creator works fine 🙂

25 OCTOBER,2012
Searched about pointers in c++. Now I understand well what pointers are.

24 OCTOBER,2012
1) Today I find the code to add new feature in menu bar. I add new(repeat already made ) feature. It works , bur when I make some changes in coding. It disables. Trying to sort out this problem.
2) came to know about TeamViewer and TightVNC. (provides Remote Control access)
3) Came to know new about Qt, we can check heirarchy of any class by right clicking on that class and selecting “Open Type Hierarchy”
and to know where any thing (class, variable, enum )is declared , right click on that and select “Follow symbol under cursor” . This is going to help me alot. DONGXU LI (one of developers of LibreCAD told me about this ).

23 OCTOBER,2012
Finding problem in understanding of code, syntax . So I take help from inder and mandeep and
came to know about nested classes, composition , and how an derived class and base class constructors calls automatically together when derived class object creates.

22 OCTOBER,2012
read Qt documentation little bit and google about it.

20 OCTOBER,2012
Today TCS company came to our college for placement drive. I gave aptitude test. I was having no intentions for jobs……don’t like to do job, in such a company .
but, I enjoyed the test. Though I attempt few questions, but I enjoyed the test. I think I should have to start up my preparation for GATE entrance test.

18 OCTOBER,2012
Today rai sir gone for USA………
No mood to work in TCC without Sir…….:(
My Roses……:(

1) read about Nobody user.

15 OCTOBER, 2012
I read the code of LibreCAD. Edit the code as said by rai sir, to make circle twice as input value.But i edit it in command line only, then sir himself change the code to make changes when user makes circle with the help of mouse. I think I need to read that code seriously 😉

13 OCTOBER,2012
I am still getting the same errors . I think I need to reinstall it again….:(

12 OCTOBER, 2012
I re-installed Necessitas on my laptop. It took 4-5 hours to download all packages of necessiats of size approx. 12 Gb.

11 OCTOBER, 2012
I install Necessitas . Its a complete Qt suit, used to run Qt applications on Android. Installed Ministro (shared libraries of Qt) on my Android. Try to run app on my android. But it displays some error. According to Qt- android developers( on mailing list), its some problem with installation of Necessitas……trying to figure it out….

10 OCTOBER,2012
Try to read code for circle in LibreCAD.

9 OCTOBER,2012
Today is Gurupurab of Guru Ram Dass JI.
I start my day after praying to God. I prayed to God to help me in my work. And He(God) did.
Very Happy………….. 🙂
I got the solution to my problem. I got the pdf of heirarchy of classes in Qt.
I was facing many problems because of lack of knowledge about heirarchy of Qt classes. I searched alot for this .I searched many documentations , many pdf, but none has given this heirarchy. I was searching on google with keywords: inhertance inQt, classes in Qt, structure of classes in Qt…etc.. But today I searched using my common sence 😉 as “HEIRARCHY OF CLASSES IN QT “, got the desired result 🙂
Now I am able to understand programs of Qt. Now I can speed up my work. Thankyou babaji…… 🙂

2-7 OCTOBER,2012
I have nothing to write in my daily dairy for this week, because i didn’t done anything except wasting my time.
Today( 7 October,2012), I was sad. Problem is me……..only me. I tried alot to save my tim
e for study, but whole week I wasted being lazzy. I have fear because I already have too short time for making my projects and showing my progress to sir. But my time is going to be wasted day by day. I can’t afford my precious time to be wasted. I know this is my golden time in which i can build my base for my future but still I wasted. I realised I had spend my whole training session in doing only 3-4 c++ programs . I hadn’t done anything more than that, and feel ashamed to lost my precious time. I pray that the remaining time I will manage well.

1 OCTOBER,2012
1) I read about macros. Came to know about it, its self-refencial rule (and indirect self-refrencial rule)
2) Compiled LibreCAD software successfully. Problem was i was making a new project file for LibreCAD. But on reading its documentation, i came to know that it has its project file in its source package . Then I compile it using make command. To run it change the directory to unix and then run.

1) Add new post about header files.
2) Download LibreCAD software. On compiling it gives errors . I tried to remove those,but failed.

1) Today my friend inder gave presentation on header files. He was not able to answer to any question correctly, because he was not prepared for that presentation today. He decided to give presentation when he was searching about header files. Header Guards was new thing for me . I had some questions, but taken them as reserved for next saturday, when he will again give presentation on header files with full preparation.
2) I came to know how to use makefile.
3) Improve my one mistake. I was doing linking in my programs before in wrong manner. By introducing with make command , I came to know about efficient way of linking the files of a program. Thanks to my friend mandeep for correcting me 🙂

Today sir call me “jasleen beta” 🙂
I make a small application where I use widgets like spin box, slider, label, button in one window, and connect them using signals and slots.

I am not feeling well today, had some minor fever and weakness. 😦
Unable to work 😦

Today I gave presentation on Qt. Qt seems interesting for everyone.

Practise Qt programs. Read history of Qt.

Pracitice Qt programs.

Today i understand the coding done by harman, and give him suggestions to improve his coding.
I came to know about templates in c++.
I came to know about OOo of oracle. and why they donate open office to Apache Software Foundation.
Read ShellScript make by daman to clean the mess of download directory and gave him an advice to re-make that script for any directory.

22 SEPTEMBER, 2012 ( Super Saturday )
My circle form ellipse rather than circle. I adjust its height, radius, value of height of point according to the aspect ratio of character in terminal.
Got the desired result of program.
I help Inder in his program of circle. I told him about aspect ratio of character.
Today LUG meeting happens. It was great. it inspired me lot. I gave all credit of this Super Saturday to my friend Inder.
Rai sir makes a meeting with us. He inspired us to work and to make progress.
Today I promised myself to do work with commitment, a strong commitment.

Sir gave me logic to make an arc of circle
Make program according to my mentor’s logic.
But it give some unexpected result. Searching for the that reason in program.

20 SEPTEMBER, 2012
I search 2 tools that help us to consume less power. 1) PowerTOP 2) Laptop-mode-tool
And some Tweaks that could help us to save our power consumption of laptop in linux operating system.

Discuss my program with my friends. Find some hint to make it.

Sir said that my program makes arc of circle but this logic is difficult / wrong.

12-16SEPTEMBER, 2012
New program i got 🙂
To make an arc of circle between 2 angles.
I start implementing it according to my logic.

I had a question about using namespace std in c++ program. I search for this. Namespace is name-scope.

I search how pointers work in c++

I attended LUG meeting.

I revised constructors and destructors.

5-6 SEPTEMBER,2012
I got problems in understanding the programming used in examples and demos in Qt. Therefore, I revised functions in c++ from book and Internet.

I go for my eye’s checkup. I got my spectacles.

My friend inder discussed some programming concepts with me. He co-relates real world examples with programming to make me easier to understand that.

31 AUGUST,2012
Today, i update my coding on github by applying coding standards. My friend inder helps my to understand some concept of programming.

My Programming concepts are not clear. So i start learning those concepts from book.

Today i found a program to make colourful circle, i was able to make some minor changes on it. but not able to understand its coding. I found difficulty in understanding the coding.

Today i found a program to make arc of circle, i edit it.

I spend this week in heaven – Sri Hemkunt Sahib.
18 August, 2012 – start my journey to hemkunt sahib at 9:00 am
22August, 2012 – at Hemkunt Sahib
24 August,2012 – come back to home at 9:00 pm

Try to edit my already made program of circle to add new feature i.e to select angle of arc of a circle.But i faced difficulty to edit the existing program.Therefore,i made a new program and add this feature to it.
Read the coding standards

I start getting familiar with Q
t (open-source, widget toolkit). I did Internet surfing and Watching youtube videos about Qt.

I edit those programs and now square actually looks like square and circle looks like circle.

I made programs to display circle,rectangle,triangle on console mode………….. 🙂

upload my program on github.
Enjoyed movie -“Carry On Jutta” with my family.

I use coding standards to my program .

Today i add 1 more feature to my program i.e scaling……now i am adding functions and classes to it…..:)
I hope today night i would apply functions and classes to it…

I add a new feature to my program i.e to change the origin of sine wave.Now,my interest towards programming increases…… 🙂
and i really thanks to my mentor for giving me such a program.

After my whole struggle,it was the time have to represent my sine wave by giving presentation.This was my first presentation of training. All were excited to hear my presentation….but i couldn’t explain well…….my bad!! I was not clearly explaining my point…. 😦 The topic was -scaling in sine wave. When presentation overs i shared my experience about my program with my training friends.I was little bit shy because i take long time to understand it, that was more than 2 months. But was happy BECAUSE I DID IT….. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 My mentor gave me idea to add new features,comments,functions,classes to my program, so that it become easy for others to understand and now i am following his advice…..and working for it to make more user friendly.

Finally,i made sine wave…:)
i was promissed myself to make it till rakhsha bandhan day…and i did…………so glad to see my sine wave is working fine.

working hard for sine wave to improve it.

Sir was not happy with my program 😦

Today i decided to make all my efforts to it.I started making my own coding for it.I made a sine wave, but it it is not perfect.It accept same width and height…………… 😦 need to improve it…

Tried to understand my program i.e. sine wave .I tried to understand the coding did by my mentor .Sir always told me to write a program by own rather than to revise his coding.

Solve the problem of widgets.
WordPress Widgets were not working in my wordpress site.I was unable to select and drag-drop any widget,not even was able to select screen options,help options. I sovle this by changing my theme to default theme-twenty eleven.On changing to default theme,i was able to select screen option,enable accessibility option.By doing this i was able to drag-drop widgets.Then switching to my desired theme ,i disable the accessibility option.Now my widges are properly working 🙂

doing changes in sine graph plotted by my Mentor……:(
truth is i actually don’t understand that program clearly.

Today i came to know about how to make a wired broadband connection to a wireless connection in ubuntu and in windows too.

I practiced some programs to enhance my logics.I tried following programs:
1)To interchanging two numbers without using third number.
2)To make sum of digits of number.
3)Fibonacci series
4)To convert Binary number to Decimal number

I uploaded a video at website).After searching alot came to know that Plugins CAN’T be installed at because of some security reasons,unless you can installed it in your hosted website…… 🙂

10 JULY,2012
Today i came to know about how to upload image,audio file in our website.Came to know about how music automatically play when you visit a website.

9 JULY,2012
Today i came to know about clipgrab and elinks.

8 JULY,2012
After searching alot,came to know that its a GRAVTAR photo……. 🙂

7 JULY,2012
change header image,background image.Try to edit admin image too,bu t have no idea about that.

6 JULY,2012
I make some changes in my website(at localhost) by installing new themes and plugins.

2 -5 JULY,2012
I started working with CMS i.e. WordPress.Got to know about it.Download and install it.While installing apache,phpmyadmin,mysql….got a problem.I was quickly selecting the options….and select a wrong option.At an intermediatery step my installation stops and i found that phpmyadmin didnot work.So i uninstall all and follow all steps of installation carefully.I am working on my localhost.
7 JUNE,2012
1) Program using Arrays To multiply two matrices.

6 JUNE,2012
1) Program using Arrays to show a matrix.
2) Program using Arrays to add two matrices.

Today i did programs using Arrays.
1) Program using Arrays to enter and display marks of 5 students.
2) Program using Arrays to enter sale of products per day and find total and average sale.
3) Program to enter monthly salary of 5 employees and find numbers of employee having annual salary more than 1 lakh.
4) Program using two-dimentional Array to enter monthly salary of two employees.
5) Program to find grades of 2 students appeard in 3 subjects.

Today I came to know about some funny things in terminal.
1) espeak: speaking the message
2) cowsay: a cow showing message
3) alsamixer: changing volume
4)stream locomotives(sl): moving train



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