Octave 4.0 installation on ubuntu 14.04 from PPA

Octave is one of the free and open source alternative to MATLAB, can be used for numerical computations, image processing, data analysis and in many fields. Ubuntu 14.04 comes with octave version 3.8, Which has some less features needed for image processing. Version 4.0 comes with the more features and therefore I install PPA on my system to get updated version of octave. Install the required dependencies using command:

$sudo apt-get build-dep octave

Now install octave: $ sudo apt-add-repository ppa:octave/stable
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install octave
$ sudo apt-get install liboctave-dev
liboctave-dev comes with the necessary tools/ development files for the GNU Octave language

Note: during my installation I had some issues of incomplete configurations, which I solve as: https://jasleen7956.wordpress.com/2016/03/05/errors-were-encountered-while-processing-e-sub-process-usrbindpkg-returned-an-error-code-1/
Now octave is installed, to launch it type: $octave

To launch only cli, $octave-cli

To install packages inside octave, open octave and type 

octave >> pkg install -forge <package-name>

Now, the package is installed but you need to load the installed package in octave to use commands of this package

octave >> pkg load <package-name>

You can see the list of packages currently loaded in octave as:

octave >> pkg list

Now you can run octave commands for you work. That’s it 🙂


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