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Fix broken package in Ubuntu

This problem is too common, sometimes we have some partial downloaded packages that stuck in our apt-get package manager and create troubles for us. To do this try these commands and see if any works for your case: 1) You … Continue reading

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Removing all files located

Sometimes, we need to delete all the files searched by locate command. What we do ( i do this before :P) is to go to those files path and delete them manually, one by one, which was a tedious job. So … Continue reading

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Octave 4.0 installation on ubuntu 14.04 from PPA

Octave is one of the free and open source alternative to MATLAB, can be used for numerical computations, image processing, data analysis and in many fields. Ubuntu 14.04 comes with octave version 3.8, Which has some less features needed for … Continue reading

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Errors were encountered while processing: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

During installation of octave, I got these errors regarding configuration of packages: This is because during installation of packages, they get installed but yet configured to octave configuration file. Therefore, I tried command $sudo dpkg –configure -a && sudo apt-get … Continue reading

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