Mutt with LOST

All email clients suck, this one just sucks less ~ Mutt.

Today I installed Mutt and configure it with SMTP using my friend’s blog . Mutt is a Console based email client. Vigasdeep has created its own Config file(.muttrc) for gmail.  He has explained everything so clearly about setting up Mutt.

To configure mutt with LOST , I need to install a software name, ‘Fortune‘ using command line:

$sudo apt-get install fortune-mod fortunes

Fortunes software generates random messages as a signature in email.

To configure Mutt with Fortune, I need to edit .muttrc file(config file), and add this line in it:

set signature=”fortune -n 400 -s linux $HOME/Signatures/lost|”

Here, $HOME/Signatures/lost this is the path where I placed my lost.dat file, which will be used by Fortune.

LOST is actually a Linux One Stanza Tip, it is usually a three-four lines tip, used at bottom of email signatures. Fortune software help to randomly generate it in every email.

When you will goto LOST website, you will find fortune-file database to download. This is actually a database file containing 750 Stanzas of Linux, which  our Fortune software will pick up randomly to generate on every email. As Fortune needs .dat format of file to pick Stanzas. So You need to convert this database file (.db) to .dat.

To convert .db to .dat, use ‘strfile’ convertor from command  :

$strfile -i LOST-en.750.fortune.db lost.dat

LOST-en.750.fortune.db is input file (downloaded fortune-file database) to ‘strfile’. lost.dat is out outfile, as Fortune only pick Stanza from .dat format file. Once .dat file we got, place it in the path (HOME/Signatures/lost) and then configure that path in .muttrc file, as we did already before.

Now launch mutt client with command :


It will prompt for you for gmail password to login, after that…..enjoy!

Thats all ! 🙂

About Jasleen Kaur

Hi, I am Jasleen kaur, a Computer Science Student.
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