MAC Spoofing……masking the MAC address with one you want

MAC Spoofing is a technique with which you can mask your hardware MAC address with the Address you want.

So what it really is?

well, we all have internet acess at home. We got this internet access from  ISP (Internet Service Provider). What they do, when we apply for a new internet connection for a home, We got a new router to make a WLAN network at home, as each router has its own MAC address, that uniquely identifies the devices, the ISP uses this MAC address to provide an Internet acces. In this case our Router is a Access point, whose MAC address is configured to ISP to which they provide an IP (Dynamic IP through DHCP server). The MAC address is simply an address which is unique, to identifies a device and it can’t be changed. This address is fixed for NIC (Network Interface Card) by manufactures and is fixed address that can’t be changed. Through this MAC address we can identifies who is the vendor of this device, basically is gives details of manufacturer. This MAC address is noted by ISP, whenever we apply for new connection. As I told that this MAC address is embed for a device and can’t be changed, but we can have an alternative to this 😛 that is called MAC Spoofing, spoofing means masking the MAC address to a new user desired address.

How it is useful to me? 

Suppose I have an device whose MAC address is given to an ISP. But unfortunately my device got some problem and I have to purchase a new device. But as new device I got purchased, it will have its own NIC, that will have its MAC address, Which is unknown to my ISP. So what I will do now is MAC Snoofing. I will clone my MAC address of previous IP address to my new device. Now I can get internet access from ISP to my new device through spoofing technique. However there are some licence issues behind this. This is illegal to do. It is only for learning purpose I shared. You may put to jail for this crime if you do…… 😀  Beqcuse Hackers can gain unauthorized access to the ISP via the same technique. This allows hackers to gain access to unauthorized services, and the hacker will be hard to identify because the hacker uses the client’s identity. They hacked the MAC address of your device and mask it to their own device to get a FREE Internet Access from your ISP.

So the best way is whenever you changes a device (router) rather that doing spoofing, contact to your ISP to update your MAC addreass 🙂

However it is useful to you too on local business. again you need to review the License issues first and Cyber laws for this 😛

What id do?

Identity masking : It mask the identity of user who is using this technique. ISP use to track the MAC address of device to provide internet access. But after spoofing your actual IP will get mask to your MAC address you want. And thus you no longer will get tracked!

How can I check my MAC Address?

For linux users, you can use ifconfig command to check your MAC Address and you can also use GUI for the same. Goto top right wifi symbol of your screen and click on Edit connection. Goto Wired connection and check its settings as:

macYou can add MAC address that you want in Cloned MAC Address box. Now your Operating system  will mask your original address with this new address and you will no longer be tracked by ISP as you had mask you identity 😛

That’s all I know about it…you have something to add more, feel free to share with me in my comment box.

Have a nice day ahead! 🙂


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