Color Theory for Web Designers


This post is inspired by a great Web Designer Inderpreet Singh Ishwerdas. Every color has some meaning and every colors says something to us. With the color theory, we came to know what is the significance of every color in our day to day life. Color Theory itself is a science. Same color may have a good reaction on one’s feeling and the same may have bad reaction on other’s. All this depends upon the Personal preferences and Cultural preferences to colors.

With the Personal preferences I mean to say that any color liked one, may be disliked by others. That is if one feel happy to see some color and other may feel irritated with the same color. Similarly, Cultural preferences matters. By Cultural preferences, I mean the colour liked in one place/country may be disliked in others place/country. Lets have an example, In India, Assam is famous for rainy season, so the people in Assam are in wait to see the sun in there regions, so they love yellow color to see. But they are tired of seeing the blue color(water) around them. But if we talk about other region of India, in Rajasthan, which is an area of desserts, it is dry and warm area. People there gets tired of seeing the warmth of sun, so they dislike yellow color. And as they are in wait to see the rain so they like blue color. Therefore, While choosing colour for your designs, take care of your target audience, by notifying the Cultural Preferences of region and Personal Preferences of audience.

Here are good links for color theory:


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  1. Maryellen says:

    Heckuva good job. I sure apritcpaee it.

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