Typing symbols in text- Unicode composition

Ways to type special symbol in text:

1. You can type various symbols in text using multiple keystrokes.

For this Press [Shift] +[Ctrl] + u + Hexadecimal code.

Hold on Shift and Control, and press ‘u’, you will see underlined ‘u’ then press the hexadecimal code of your character.

Example: [Shift] +[Ctrl] + u +  00BF      It will print inverted question mark on screen.

[Shift] +[Ctrl] + u +  004C           It will print capital ‘L’

use codes from here  http://unicode-table.com/en/#004C


2. You can use application like- Character Map.

Find the character and copy it (Ctrl + c) and paste (Ctrl + v) it to your document.


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