How to Google?

Searching on internet is easy, just write down what you want and Hit Enter. But it usually happens, what we searched and what search result shows, it differs. Sometimes it happens we searched for one thing and a lot of stuff comes in searching and we forgot the real stuff to search……hahaha 😀 , it had happened in my case 😉 . Well, we need to know How to Search. Their are some tricks which we can use to make an efficient searching. Google offers some tips and tricks for efficient searching (Smart Searching 😉 ).

  1. Write Precisely: Write short and precise phrase to search. Instead of writing: What are the steps of installation of Librecad in ubuntu 12.04, you can write:  Installation of Librecad in ubuntu 12.04
  2. Don’t use puntuations: Common terms like a and the  are usually ignored. Punctuation is also typically ignored. You can use punctuations in quotes, where exact phrase is known. Example:  “the beatles”
  3. Quote accurate phrases: If you know the accurate phrase, you can refine your search using quotes. Example:  “the beatles”
  4. Calculations: Google offer’s a built-in calculator for instant calculations. Just type your expression in search box, google will give you the result. Example:  5*9+(sqrt 10)^3=
  5. Defination: To see a definition for a word or phrase, simply type the word “define” then a space, then the word(s) you want defined. Example: Define Epic
  6. Specific document type:  Specify particular type of file you want in your search result bu using the modifier “filetype:”.  Example:  Advance Networking filetype:pdf
  7. Related Search: To find the related sites. Enter the word “related” then colon, then url of site. No space in between. Example:
  8. Fill in the Blank: By adding an asterisk (*) at the part of the sentence or question. It searches the result by automatically filling the missing word. Example:  is * food bad for health?
  9. Intitle: Search for result with intitled word in the title.
  10. Numeric range: Use X..Y modifier to search for range. Here double dots signifies a series of numbers. Example:
  11. The OR operator: You can use “OR” in your search to specify- this OR that. Note:- OR should be capitalised. Example: building OR room
  12. Unit Conversion: You can use Google to convert between many different units of measurement of height, weight, and volume among many others. Here “in” is used.  Example:  10.5 cm in inches
  13. Currency Conversions: You can convert one currency to another just by typing in search box. Here “to” is used. Example: 15 dollars to rupees.
  14. Exclude Word: You can use  -  operator to exclude the words from your searching. Like I want to search for
  15. Weather: To check whether of any place of the World. Write word “weather” and place name.  Example:  weather Ludhiana.
  16. Time: To find current time of any city of the World. Write word “time” and then city name. Example:  time Ludhiana.
  17. Sunrise or Sunset: To check Sunrise or Sunset time of any city of the world. Type: “sunrise” or “sunset followed by name of city. Example: sunrise Ludhiana.
  18. Map: To find map of any place. Write the place name followed by word “map”. Example: ludhiana map
  19. Movies: To search for movies playing to your nearby Theatres, Type the word “movies”. Example: movies  .If you have set your accurate Location and Time Zone in Google settings, then result will display showtimes for nearby theaters for the movie you have chosen. You can also get detail a particular movie, just by typing the name of movie you want. Example:  Krrish 3
  20. Earthquake: To see activity in the world, type “earthquake”. To see information about recent earthquakes in a specific area type “earthquake” followed by the city and state or U.S. zip code. Example: earthquake ludhiana

For more tips, visit these sites:

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