Rude Cgi library installation in linux from source

The RudeCGI™ C++ CGI Parser library is used for accessing HTTP form data, path info, and cookie data from CGI applications. Installation steps are: $mkdir /tmp/rudecgi $ cd /tmp/rudecgi $ wget $ tar zxf rudecgi-5.0.0.tar.gz $ cd rude-5.0.0 $ ./configure $ make $ sudo make install Advertisements

Compilers Vs Interpreter

Interpreters: Interprets Line by Line. Therefore slower than compiler .We input Program and Data Both simultaneously to produce output. It can be called Online, because we provide the program and data to it, and it starts running it and produces Output directly, means that it doesn’t do processing before taking Input/Data. Compilers: It compiles whole … More Compilers Vs Interpreter